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Rick Kooker is a professional commercial photographer and producer located in Denver, Colorado. With over 30 years of experience, he has a wide breadth of specialties, ranging from corporate head shots to large scale multi-day shoots. His vast resources make for a seamless production, whether it's building a large set from the ground up or finding the perfect location to shoot in.

As a producer...

Rick has made client's lives easier for years by being an expert coordinator, staying on schedule and delivering on time.

Rick is able to:

  • Scout locations
  • Build sets / rig lighting
  • Feed hungry crews
  • Deliver creative, on the fly solutions


    As a photographer...

    Many years experience in large format film and digital photography allows a very traditional yet modern approach to shooting that always satisfies the client's needs.

    His studio, located in the trendy LoHi district is an awesome place for clients to hang out and the large space is accommodating for any type of shot.